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Gas Detectors
Arjay Engineering Ltd.
Gas detectors for a wide range of applications are available from Arjay Engineering Ltd. Our detectors are used in a wide variety of facilities including r...

Machine Parts
L & M Precision Products Inc
At L & M Precision Products Inc., our main goal is customer satisfaction. We produce machine parts of top quality for use in a variety of markets acros...

Welding Cable
Lincoln Electric (Canada)
Lincoln Electric can supply a wide range of welding cable. Some of the different types available include control cable, control/weld cable, power cable, se...

Industrial Pumps
Wainbee Limited
Wainbee limited offers a broad range of industrial pumps from the industry’s most trusted manufacturers such as Hansa-TMP, Parker Hannifin Corp, and ...

					Linear Brakes
Linear Brakes
Advanced Motion & Controls Ltd
We carry several designs of linear brakes at Advanced Motion & Control Ltd. – specifically, clamping and braking elements manufactured by Zimmer Grou...

Robotic Integration
Intercon Material Handling
Integration of robotic technologies is one of the best ways of reducing operating costs, increasing productivity, and ensuring accuracy. Intercon Material ...