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Hoist Rings
Ken Forging
A wide selection of hoist rings are available from Ken Forging Inc. The various types we can offer include longbar, metric, and standard U-bar. They are ma...

Pressure Vessels
Alps Welding Ltd
We build pressure vessels of many sizes and varieties because we specialize in custom work. After more than 40 years in the business, we have earned a repu...

Cleaning, Metal Parts Machines
Vibra Finish Limited
Metal parts cleaning machines from Vibra Finish Ltd. offer exceptional cleaning power without the labours of hand cleaning. When you’re mass producin...

Force Transducers
Durham Instruments
Durham Instruments can supply a wide range of force transducers. Our selection includes load cells of many types such as OEM, miniature, multi-axis, axial ...

Johnson Bros. Roll Forming Co.
Mouldings, profiles, and special shapes of infinite varieties are available from Johnson Bros Roll Forming Co. These products are used in every industry an...

Ribbon Wrap Cable
Brim Electronics Inc.
We offer Ribbon wrap cables designed to wire your electronic components. Our cables help save room within cramped internal wiring environments by lying fla...