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Firing Industries Ltd
Firing Industries Ltd. can help you select, find and install the centrifuge that meets your business needs. With over 40-years’ experience consulting...

Vibratory Finishes
With a range of vibratory finishing available, Vibra Finish Ltd. can help give your part the ideal surface consistency. With vibratory tumblers, we can imp...
Frasers Product
Screw Machine Parts
Collison-Goll Ltd
We produce screw machine parts for a variety of applications. Our focus on custom fabrication means we are capable of making components to your specificati...

Displacement Transducers
Durham Instruments
Linear variable differential transformers (LVDT), also known as linear variable displacement transducers, are used to measure linear displacement. This typ...

Custom Metal Fabricators
Matritech Inc.
We are custom metal fabricators and we offer services including engineering, design review, finishing, surface treatment, and assembly. We are able to prod...

Conveyor Covers
Continental Conveyor Ltd
We manufacture conveyor covers that offer unprecedented safety and protection for both your products and your staff. When you’re moving goods down a ...