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SaskPower building $5M maintenance outpost in Hudson Bay

October 19, 2023 | By Nicole Goldsworthy

A new SaskPower maintenance outpost is under construction in Hudson Bay.

Construction began in April 2023. SaskPower anticipates an August 2024 completion date.

The new outpost will replace and combine three SaskPower facilities within Hudson Bay. The old facilities no longer meet SaskPower’s operating business needs in terms of functionality, security, and condition, said Ray Lagimodiere, a SaskPower spokesperson.

“The goal is to centralize the three existing facilities into one outpost to maximize operational and maintenance efficiencies and to provide safe and efficient working spaces.”


The expected cost of the maintenance outpost is approximately $5 million. The facility has the potential to improve operations and reliability of service in the area, as the space will provide improved storage/maintenance of SaskPower materials and equipment. There is also an expected benefit to local businesses in the area like hotels, accommodations, restaurants, fuel, and so on during construction due to an influx of construction crews.

Lagimodiere said the facility is designed with infrastructure to accommodate future installation of Electric Vehicle charging stations. There will be five SaskPower employees stationed in this facility, with additional office space for one SaskEnergy employee as well. As work in the area fluctuates, there may be more people working out of this facility as well.

The building will be equipped with solar panels to help power the building. Any additional power generated will be fed back into the SaskPower grid. The solar generating system will have the ability to be fitted with a battery storage system at a future date as well. The project is estimated to have approximately 14 per cent Indigenous labour during the construction phase.
By Nicole Goldsworthy, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, SASKTODAY.CA


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