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Government of Canada invests in food packaging companies

April 5, 2023 | By Mario Cywinski

The Government of Canada invested over $8.2 million for three food packaging companies to develop and scale green, Canadian-made packaging solutions and products, and create over 120 jobs across southern Ontario.

“Plastic pollution is a growing problem globally, affecting both the economy and the environment,” said Lloyd Longfield, Member of Parliament for Guelph. “That is why I am pleased to see today how these three businesses, including two based in Guelph, are developing innovative, environmentally conscious packaging products and solutions to help reduce single-use plastic use and create good jobs for the future.”

A Friendlier Company Inc. was given a $500,000 investment, Friendlier will now standardize its reusable takeout packaging system through a network of businesses across Canada. It will support a circular economy by cleaning and reusing the same packaging up to 100 times. It will also create 10 jobs.

“Our mission at Friendlier is to simplify the world’s transition away from single-use packaging, and this funding will allow us to reach significant milestones towards that goal,” said Kayli Dale, CEO and co-founder, A Friendlier Company. “The funding will allow us to accelerate our growth across the country, creating jobs and reducing waste through a circular supply chain in Canada. We believe Canada should be at the forefront of the transition away from single-use packaging, and this funding will help us continue to lead the movement towards a circular economy in packaging.”


Unified Flex Packaging Technologies gets a $4-million investment, which will enhance production capacity at its new Woodstock facility, to increase manufacturing of its recyclable films used for food packaging and pouches. It will also create over 60 jobs.

“Unified Flex Packaging Technologies is excited about our partnership with FedDev Ontario. This funding will help train and develop highly skilled teams specializing in automation and manufacturing,” said Al Aman, vice-president business development, Unified Flex Packaging Technologies. “By investing in lean manufacturing processes, we will reduce costs and improve our global competitiveness to deliver world-class packaging solutions.”

Omnia Packaging will receive over $3.7- million investment to help it purchase new equipment. This investment will support leading companies reduce plastic waste and create 50 jobs.

“With this $3.7-million investment, FedDev Ontario is boosting the project, allowing Omnia to purchase and operate the equipment earlier, creating jobs earlier than scheduled,” said Paulo Sunino, CEO, Omnia Packaging. “This will also allow Omnia Packaging to introduce 100 percent sustainable packaging in the market for the harvest season of 2023 instead of 2024.”


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