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What will replace gas stations in an EV world?

October 24, 2022 | By Monica Ferguson

The Canadian government has mandated that all vehicle sales after 2035 be emissions-free vehicles. With that date more than a decade away, EV sales in Canada are surging, up 60 per cent in 2021 according to Statistics Canada.

Moving to an EV world is more than just putting the cars on the road. A lot of work that must be done behind the scenes to ensure Canada is ready to fully adopt EVs and other zero-emission vehicles.

“Our entire vehicle infrastructure is designed for the internal combustion engine,” said Kevin Lisso, CEO and co-founder, EnerSavings. “But the gas station and its fuel pumps as we know them are obsolete in an EV world. We have to begin thinking about what replaces the gas station, and quite literally much of that solution begins where we live, work and play.”

With the clock ticking on vehicles that emit greenhouse gases, it is necessary for building owners and facility managers to look into the electric future and ensure their properties are EV-ready.


“Staring down the prospect of having to outfit an entire parking garage with EV chargers can be daunting,” said Lisso. “It can be an expensive venture with a lot of unknowns. But EnerSavings has developed a program to plug buildings into the future, helping them increase their marketability, manage energy costs, support their tenants and support the movement towards a Net Zero future.”

The EnerSavings plan requires no capital for infrastructure, no up-front charges for an intelligent Energy Management System that adjusts consumption based on peak usage, supports app-based controls and reporting and tracks usage.

The program starts with an energy assessment to evaluate the existing parking garage or parkade at the facility, the findings of which are presented in a custom proposal. An install plan is then created while EnerSavings secures the existing rebates that are available in that jurisdiction. Once all that is done, installation begins.


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