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Photo: ABD Solutions.

ABD Solutions, has launched Indigo Drive, a software eco-system that enables any mining vehicle to be automated.

The Mining Association of Canada estimates that 10,000 new workers are required annually for the next decade to fill new positions and replace current ones. Likewise, the Australian Minerals Council predicts a shortfall of 86,000 workers.

“What sets Indigo Drive apart is that it can be installed into vehicles already in use, so autonomy can be achieved much faster and requires significantly less investment than by replacing the entire fleet,” said Matthew Price, managing director, ABD Solutions. “Driverless vehicles enable site operations to become more streamlined by removing downtime and delays caused by staff shortages and ensuring continuity of projects. The industry also becomes safer by limiting driver exposure to extreme and dangerous environments.”

Secure and certified, as a comprehensive system, Indigo Drive contains everything needed to create driverless fleets. From a software interface for route-planning to the technology needed to create movement (such as drive-by-wire and driving robots), to communication (Radio, V2X, GPS/GNSS), obstacle detection (LiDAR, camera, radar) and vehicle health and diagnostics (OBD2, telemetry, sensors), what’s included can be tailored around the specific vehicles and environments.



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