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NAFA announces clean air award recipients

September 12, 2022 | By Monica Ferguson

The National Air Filtration Association (NAFA) announced 77 recipients of the Clean Air Awards for 2022.  The Clean Air Award is presented each year to the building owners and managers who take steps to significantly improve the quality of their indoor air by increasing the level or efficiency of their HVAC air filtration system in 10 specific categories.

“The 2022 Clean Air Award program received an unprecedented number of submissions this year,” said Emily Bardach, executive director, NAFA. “The past few years have been a challenge for our members and their clients. Responding to the need for stricter indoor air quality specifications, the nominated facilities have all increased the level of indoor air cleanliness with filtration and improved system hygiene.”

Candidates are nominated for the award by NAFA members and must submit detailed and specific steps taken toward cleaning the indoor environment. A NAFA certified air filter specialist confirms these improvements. Nominees are judged by the NAFA Clean Air Award Committee.

Award-winning buildings must maintain IAQ diligence and submit inspection data each year to maintain the NAFA Clean Air Award.



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