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Hygiene Essentials solution helps companies reduce industrial and occupational risks

September 12, 2022 | By Monica Ferguson

Photo: cority.

Photo: Cority.

Cority announced the availability of its Hygiene Essentials solution, providing businesses an entry point to digitizing their industrial hygiene management program.

The solution enables organizations to manage all quantitative and qualitative occupational exposure assessment data in one central place, in real-time, to identify hazards, evaluate and manage risks, and develop a hygiene program to protect their workforce in the near and long term.

“Companies invest in solving problems they can see and measure. Lung disease from long-term chemical exposure or hearing loss related to high noise levels are much less tangible and immediate than a broken leg from a slip and fall accident,” said Sean Baldry, senior product marketing manager, Cority. “Cority provides organizations with the tools to act now and make informed decisions about where and how to invest in the health of their employees before the exposure becomes a bigger problem and their reputation as a responsible employer is negatively impacted.”



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