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Series of projects to accelerate towards sustainable mobility

September 2, 2022 | By Monica Ferguson

The Consortium for Research and Innovation in Aerospace in Quebec (CRIAQ) is launching 11 approved and funded projects in pre-competitive collaborative research and large-scale technological demonstrations.

These 11 projects will be carried out by 11 partnerships involving a total of 19 companies and 12 public and academic research centres and five international companies. Experts are pooling their know-how to create solutions that aim to reduce environmental impacts with new engines and composite equipment, incorporating artificial intelligence into integrated digital aviation systems, and designing and experimenting with new types of vertical landing aircraft.

“Faced with the challenges of today and tomorrow, we need to support interdisciplinary and cross-sectoral cooperation as never before to accelerate society’s need-based developments for new and more environmentally friendly air mobility products and services and to ensure their acceptance by authorities and communities,” said Alain Aubertin, President and CEO, CRIAQ. “This is our purpose: to bring ideas together, stimulate them, sometimes confront them with the aim of creating innovation through new approaches to ideation, technology demonstrations and product certification, to facilitate their safe and timely integration into the market.”



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