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Elevator malfunctions on the rise across Ontario

August 29, 2022 | By Monica Ferguson


Stories of elevator disruptions and shutdowns are on the rise across Ontario. The 170 safety inspectors represented by OPSEU/SEFPO want management to return to the table and negotiate a fair first contract so they can return to their jobs and keep Ontarians safe.

“Last Thursday, we sent the TSSA a reasonable offer that addresses many of the concerns,” said JP Hornick, president, OPSEU/SEFPO. “Now it is many days later and the inspectors who care about our communities and public safety still have heard no response from the employer about coming back to the table. Why is the TSSA stalling?”

Residents at an apartment in London report being without elevator service for more than six weeks due to an inspection delay. Residents in wheelchairs at an apartment building in Ottawa say they are struggling without elevator service that has left them feeling trapped inside their apartments.


Safety inspectors are responsible for inspections of over 60,000 elevating devices across Ontario, including, elevators in apartment buildings and condos, elevators and escalators in malls, offices, construction site hoists, industrial settings, transit and transit stations, schools, hospitals, seniors and long-term care homes, and colleges and universities.

“Elevator shutdowns hurt people and are leading to horrible consequences for people with disabilities who can’t use the stairs when the elevator in their home stops working,” said Hornick. “These painful stories of people struggling without elevator service continue as TSSA sits on our offer. We want to get back to the table so safety inspectors can address the backlog and ensure elevators are operating for the people who need them.”


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