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Eddy Solutions announces agreement with The Daniels Corporation

June 11, 2022 | By Monica Ferguson

Eddy Smart Home Solutions announced a service agreement with The Daniels Corporation. Daniels is adding leak protection into all their buildings via Eddy Solutions. The partnership includes over 5,000 units across 13 projects.

“Daniels history of creating and reinvigorating Canadian communities, focusing on fostering diversity, equity and inclusion, has made them an industry giant in the built space,” said Travis Allan, CEO and President, Eddy Solutions. “Working with them to provide risk mitigation services targeting the potential risk of water damage to projects under construction and thereafter, giving them further tools to protect, detect, and control water in their buildings.”

Eddy’s system will be installed in all of Daniels projects, protecting the building and units with a system of real-time monitoring, smart sensors, and remote and automatic shutoffs that identify and action issues in all areas of the building, including risers, mechanical rooms, suites, and common areas.


“Water escape is a significant risk to buildings and residents in our industry,” said Sam Tassone, Partner, The Daniels Corporation. “Resilient construction is a particular area of focus for us as a developer/builder. Water damage can cause significant project delays, losses, and require major rework in an industry already under stress. Eddy’s intelligent system provides us with a holistic tool that not only allows us to mitigate and control water in our projects but offers insurance benefits as well.”

Eddy’s system covers all parts of the building and all phases, including during construction through to operating buildings reducing the risk of water-related project delays during construction, and water damage in completed/occupied buildings.


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