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50 years of encoders from Posital

Monica Ferguson   

Machinery and Equipment Maintenance Manufacturing encoders machinery Monitoring MRO product production

Photo credit: Posital

Rotary encoders with parallel interfaces have been sold under the Fraba and Posital brands since 1972.

Posital’s supply to this niche market with cost-effective products is directly related to its modular design philosophy “minimum order quantity: one”.

“Our encoders are designed as assemblies of inter-changeable components. Except for a few specialized parts, our parallel interface encoders have most of the same components as encoders with serial, fieldbus, or industrial Ethernet interfaces. As long as we can source the necessary parts, we will continue to supply this market,” said Christian Fell, North American operations, Posital.

Posital absolute encoders with parallel interfaces are based on the company’s optical measurement technology and are available in single (up to 16-bit resolution) and multi-turn (up to 25-bit output) configurations.



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