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Exro partners with electric vehicle manufacturer

May 24, 2022 | By Monica Ferguson

Exro Technologies signed an agreement with ev Transportation Services (evTS), to supply units of its 100V Coil Drive System beginning in 2023, for use in evTS model year 2023 FireFly vehicles.

The collaboration plans for Exro to repurpose used evTS’ traction battery cells in second-life battery energy storage applications, which were made public in December 2021.

evTS’ FireFly ESV, manages parking control and curb management, security and perimeter control, last-mile delivery and corporate campus applications. The addition of the Coil Driver to FireFly vehicles will enable electronic gear switching in real time, from a single motor. This will give FireFly ESV operators control over vehicle operation, extended range and enhanced torque.

The agreement starts with an initial purchase of 1,000 Coil Drive System units, consisting of a Coil Driver controller and an optimized electric motor. Over the 36-month term of the agreement, Exro will increase volume of its Coil Drive System and evTS FireFly ESVs optimized with Exro’s Coil Driver will be used to execute services in sustainability-minded cities around the world.


“Exro’s ability to optimize the range and efficiency of the FireFly utilizing what is essentially an electronic automatic transmission creates an exciting competitive advantage for evTS in the lightweight commercial vehicle space,” said David Solomont, Chairman and CEO, evTS. “We are thrilled to work with Exro as a valuable equipment supplier, not only to optimize the performance of our vehicles, but to enable our used battery cells to serve in second-life energy storage applications. We look forward to continued collaboration in the years ahead as we continue to scale our operations alongside our tier-one partners.”


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