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ABB provides tech for grid stability as Faroe Islands pivot to green energy

March 17, 2022 | By Maryam Farag

Photo: ABB.

Photo: ABB.

ABB is working with SEV, the main electrical power producer and distributor for the Faroe Islands, to deliver synchronous condenser (SC) technology that will stabilize its power grid as renewable generation replaces fossil-fueled plant.

The first SC unit is being commissioned on the island of Suðuroy. SEV has placed an order for a similar unit to be located at Sund on Streymoy, the Faroes’ largest island.

SEV has a goal for the isolated Faroe Islands in the North Atlantic to become “the world’s greenest group of islands. By 2030, it will be generating 100 per cent green electricity from hydropower, solar and wind and potentially tidal streams.”

“We want to harness our natural sustainable energy resources so we can stop using oil,” said Magnus Rasmussen, Minister of Environment, Industry and Trade, Faroe Islands. “This will enable us to future proof our energy supply both onshore and offshore.”


ABB is working with SEV to deliver technology in the form of synchronous condensers. An SC is a rotating electrical machine that provides vital services to strengthen a power system and keep it stable as loads and renewable energy production change. These services include inertia, fault level and reactive power for voltage regulation.

“There is a growing need for networks to be supported by decentralized solutions that ensure grid stability and resilience. Synchronous condensers can play a vital role in strengthening weak networks, especially in remote areas,” said Heikki Vepsäläinen, President, Large Motors and Generators Division, ABB. “Our expectation is that network operators worldwide will adopt SCs in ever-increasing numbers as the urgency to decarbonize electricity production continues to gather momentum.”



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