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UL and ONYX to extend wind asset life

March 14, 2022 | By Maryam Farag

Photo: UL.

Photo: UL.

UL has partnered with ONYX Insight on an expanded life evaluation program, using UL’s wind forecasting and structural assessment with ONYX Insight’s operations and maintenance expertise and predictive technology.

The businesses have built on their collaboration with recent life evaluation projects involving hundreds of turbines across a range of makes and models. The expansion of the collaboration will enhance UL’s in-house structural analysis with drivetrain evaluation capabilities and structural health monitoring for turbines, towers and foundations through ONYX Insight’s sensing solutions and analytics.

“Successfully extending the life of a project can mean reducing the cost of operations in the long-term as the project ages,” said Ashley Crowther, Chief Commercial Officer, ONYX Insight. “With our broad suite of solutions, monitoring the health of the asset from top to bottom, we are delighted to support UL in enabling older wind farms to play their part in the race to net zero.”

UL’s track record of life evaluation work includes structural assessment, including turbine, tower and foundation, to ascertain turbine capabilities and estimates of a turbine’s useful life.


“When assets near the end of their original life cycles, operators will consider two key objectives: maintaining safety and profitability,” said Jeremy Tchou, Director, Wind Advisory, North America, UL. “We are proud to partner with ONYX Insight to help asset operators achieve these goals using in-house structural analysis and advanced monitoring technology, arming them with the data they need to deliver for their stakeholders.”





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