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900 solar panels installed on roof of Rite-Hite’s Tech Building

February 9, 2022 | By Maryam Farag

Photo: Rite-Hite.

Photo: Rite-Hite.

Rite-Hite’s Global Headquarters announced the installation of 900 roof-mounted solar panels on the Tech Building, which is on the south side of Freshwater Way.

Expected to help offset the company’s energy costs for years to come, the solar panels will be one of several green building elements used in construction of the 9.5-acre campus in Walker’s Point.

“Incorporating solar power was an easy decision for us,” said Sara Everts, Communications Director, Rite-Hite. “Like most companies, we are trying to find ways to lessen our carbon footprint and overall environmental impact, and the roof of the Tech Building was a natural spot for solar energy.” The panels are expected to generate about 500,000 annual kWh which can prevent 391 tons of CO2 emissions annually.

The panels were installed by Eland Electric Corporation, in conjunction with contractor C.D. Smith Construction.


“Kudos to Rite-Hite for investing in reducing their energy use and carbon footprint by working with C.D. Smith to investigate the opportunity during the planning stages of construction,” said Jesse Michalski, Eland, Project Manager. “It’s much more efficient to install the solar panels as part of the initial building process rather than retrofitting them afterwards. This approach ensures the integrity of the structure and allows for a seamless integration into the building’s electrical system.”





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