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Ogena Solutions launches ozone-free air purifier

February 8, 2022 | By Maryam Farag

Photo: Ogena Solutions.

Photo: Ogena Solutions.

Ogena Solutions has launched the OgenaShield Air Purifier by Puraclenz, applying a patented version of the same technology used to clean air in the International Space Station.

“The Covid-19 pandemic has underscored the need for effective air purifying solutions, especially in workplaces and where people congregate. This newly advanced and completely ozone-free system combines UV light with a patented catalyst cell to effectively and efficiently break down and destroy viruses in the air and on exposed surfaces,” said Dave Hachey, President and Founder, Ogena Solutions.

Third-party tests show that the OgenaShield Air Purifier by Puraclenz kills over 99 per cent of the MS2 Bacteriophage (MS2) virus, an accepted surrogate of SARS-CoV-2; the virus that causes the coronavirus disease COVID-19.

The California Air Resource Board has approved the OgenaShield Air Purifier by Puraclenz as safe for use in the presence of people and animals. The air purifiers have a UL2998 certification for being ozone-free.


“We take safety very, very seriously. Since day one of our business, our mission at Ogena Solutions has always been to safeguard animals, people and the environment from pathogens and infectious diseases. We don’t allow any products to enter the market until they’ve been thoroughly tested.” said Hachey.



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