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Intermap announces contract with Class 1 North American railway company

January 18, 2022 | By Maryam Farag

Intermap Technologies announced a new contract with a Class 1 North American railway company for flood and fire risk management.

Under the contract, Intermap will provide flood and fire risk management along railway infrastructure through its NEXTWave Rail application, which railway companies can use to plan and maintain culvert systems to help prevent washouts and implement wildfire mitigation strategies in high-risk areas near tracks.

“Intermap’s entry into the railway industry with this new contract will enable railway operators to assess and implement flood and wildfire risk mitigation strategies to prevent costly repairs and shutdowns of rail lines,” said Patrick A. Blott, Chairman and CEO, Intermap. “Leveraging our unique, patented technology and IP, Intermap is able to expand into new industries, like railway, where companies can benefit from Intermap’s seamless, consistent and globally available elevation data and analytics to assess infrastructure with the same quality and accuracy across countries around the world.”

InsitePro, the company’s new rail solution, assesses railway culvert vulnerability by considering the location, size and age of the railway infrastructure, along with its proprietary elevation data and flood and fire models to provide a culvert vulnerability score through a single application.


The vulnerability score will help railways prioritize which culverts require maintenance and when they need to be replaced without sending a team to do the assessment on-site. The culvert vulnerability analytic will support railways with insight into the topography and the frequency and severity of flood risk to decrease yearly cost from washouts and improve safety.




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