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Festo releases its Productivity Master

January 3, 2022 | By Maryam Farag

Photo: Festo.

photo: Festo.

Festo’s Productivity Master features a digital manufacturing process, offering customers individualized products created by an automated process, from order placement to delivery.

The Productivity Master connects all handling hardware and software to create a digitalized production line that can be monitored by anyone from anywhere, but is otherwise hands-off from the vendor’s perspective. It requires no human interaction with the customer.

“We enable customers to select and size their products online, add them to a shopping cart, view their pricing and delivery in real time, and track their products throughout the supply chain,” said Nigel Dawson, Head of Business Development, Electric Automation, Festo.

All components of the Productivity Master, axis mechanics and software are planned as a complete system. This initial Productivity Master layout, used for demonstration purposes, produces personalized USB memory sticks. It employs a cloud-based concept for registering and storing customer data, complying with data protection regulations.


Production begins with the entry of a QR code by the customer, read by SBSI sensors. EXCT gantries do the pick-and-place via their dynamic CMMT-AS servo drives and EMMT-AS servo motors. Rotation functions are carried out by ERMH electric rotary drives. The process is completed with the personalization of the USB stick.


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