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Frost & Sullivan recognizes Aptean with 2022 Product Leadership Award

December 23, 2021 | By Maryam Farag

Frost & Sullivan has recognized Aptean with the 2022 North American Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software for Food and Beverage Product Leadership Award.

Aptean received the award for designing tailored solutions for industry subsegments and increasing business value.

Aptean provides services that address production, manufacturing, distribution, and operational challenges in particular segments of the food and beverage industry, such as bakery, fresh produce and meat items.

The company’s ERP solution delivers capabilities of food and beverage software and integrates with other Aptean products, such as enterprise asset management, product lifecycle management, transport management systems, and overall equipment effectiveness.


“Frost & Sullivan applauds Aptean for providing a full enterprise suite specific to the food and beverage industry through this unique combination of its ERP, business application add-ons, and business solutions,” said Sankara Narayanan, Senior Industry Analyst, Frost & Sullivan. “The F&B industry needs a unified, industry-specific ERP software solution and specialized tools to maximize profits and productivity and deliver the highest quality products. Aptean’s software solution successfully addresses this need.”

Aptean promotes its solution as a viable alternative to the one-size-fits-all software in the food and beverage industry that does not tackle the specific pain points of the multiple subsegments in this industry.



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