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Canadian Gas Association launches digital hub

November 29, 2021 | By Maryam Farag

The Canadian Gas Association (CGA) launched a digital hub dedicated to sharing the gas delivery industry’s work, to meet Government of Canada emission targets of net zero by 2050.

Details of the industry’s role are highlighted on CGA’s website through a new Net-Zero Hub. This Hub contains insights on the opportunities and challenges ahead as industry works “to position Canada as a global leader in delivering affordable, reliable low-emission gaseous energy.”

CGA commissioned ICF to research three distinct pathways to deliver on net-zero emission targets across Canada’s residential and commercial natural gas customer base. The study – Potential Gas Pathways to Support Net-Zero Buildings in Canada – is an assessment for Canada’s natural gas utilities.

“Central to ensuring Canada’s long-term well-being is leveraging the country’s incredible gas energy resources and its world-class network of underground infrastructure.” said Timothy M. Egan, President and CEO, Canadian Gas Association and CGA Enterprises Inc. and Chair, NGIF Capital Corporation. “CGA’s members have a suite of energy solutions, including emission management technologies and other cleantech, renewable gases, and energy efficiency, that will act as a foundation for a lower-emission energy system, while maintaining energy affordability and reliability for Canadians.”


The industry calls on governments to:

  1. Launch a national task force on energy utility legislative modernization.
  2. Co-fund solutions that will drive the more efficient use of gas for Canada’s residential and commercial buildings including heat pumps, hybrid heating and deep energy efficiency.
  3. Support programs and policies that will support the innovation work under way across the natural gas industry and enable higher levels of renewable natural gas (RNG) and hydrogen blending in Canada’s gas delivery infrastructure.




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