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CubicFarm Systems wins Sustainability Product of the Year for HydroGreen

Maryam Farag   

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Photo: CubicFarm Systems Corp.

CubicFarm Systems Corp. announced that the Business Intelligence Group named the HydroGreen Grow System, an indoor growing technology for fresh livestock feed, as Sustainability Product of the Year in the 2021 Sustainability Awards program.

“We are proud to reward HydroGreen and recognize CubicFarms for their sustainability efforts,” said Maria Jimenez, Chief Nominations Officer, Business Intelligence Group. “It was clear to our judges that their vision and strategy will continue to deliver results toward a cleaner, more sustainable world. Congratulations.”

The HydroGreen Grow System and the CubicFarm System indoor growing technologies convert wasteful long supply chain agriculture into local chains, enabling farmers to grow more with significantly less land, water, waste, and physical labour.

The HydroGreen Grow System technology was designed for areas impacted by water scarcity and uses 90 per cent less water than conventional irrigated field crops. Farmers can harvest fresh livestock feed daily, increasing output by producing up to 360 harvests annually, compared to two harvests per year using traditional farming methods.


“To reliably feed ourselves going forward, we need to utilize our limited and precious resources much more efficiently and leveraging technology will enable us to do that,” said Dave Dinesen, Chief Executive Officer, CubicFarms. “We believe indoor growing is the solution necessary for more sustainable farming for the future. Congratulations to all recognized by the Business Intelligence Group in this year’s Sustainability Awards.”




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