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Propulsa Innovations ships filtration tech to West Africa

Maryam Farag   

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Photo: Propulsa Innovations.

Propulsa Innovations, a company from Saguenay, announced that West Africa will soon receive two of its EPURA systems, a self-cleaning filtration technology that eliminates the need for filter changes on industrial equipment.

Two 15-inch EPURA filtration systems will be shipped to an entrepreneur working in 12 countries, who owns over 7,000 mining vehicles.

“Filtration problems due to dust are extreme in Africa compared to Quebec and this breakthrough could really make our company’s growth soar.” said Denis Dumais, Vice-President and Director of Innovation, Propulsa Innovations.

The EPURA technology can be installed on operating cabins, on engine air intakes and many other industrial applications. Positioned upstream of the original air filter, this system filters over 99.73 per cent of dust particles.


Self-cleaning by a series of emitted vibrations, the EPURA system ensures the efficiency and durability of the filtration system.



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