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Avondale Restaurant Equipment to offer mask/thermal screener

June 3, 2021 | By Maryam Farag

Photo: Avondale Restaurant Equipment.

Photo: Avondale Restaurant Equipment.

Avondale Restaurant Equipment out of Hamilton, Ont., is launching Janus; a standalone temperature and mask detection monitor.

“Avondale has pivoted to provide more PPE options and innovative technologies, such as Janus, to provide our customers options when doing business during and post pandemic,” said Kristy Barber, President, Avondale Restaurant Equipment LTD. “Needless to say, the industry has changed and Avondale strives to help our customers solve problems and we have continued to do so for our customers during these difficult times,” she adds.

That is the body temperature threshold outlined by the government of Canada’s public health guidelines, based off of World Health Organization (WHO) recommendations. If Janus detects a customer entering the restaurant, with a high temperature, the device will audibly ask the person to ‘please wait for assistance from a staff member’. At this point, the process will be done again, leaving the final decision up to the staff member on whether to permit entrance or not.

Janus features facial recognition technology that alerts for non-compliance of mask wearing requirements. If a mask is not present, or even if it is not positioned on the face properly, Janus will ask the customer to ‘please wear a mask’. If both requirements are met (temperature and mask), the system will display a big green checkmark and say ’welcome to {restaurant name}’.


“So far the success of Janus has been largely in the hospitality sector, so this alliance with such an established player in that space is a no brainer for us,” said Conrad Galambos, President at Solutions Into Motion, the operator of Janus. “We want to work with Avondale closely to get feedback on how our dev team can prioritize new functionality for Janus in the food service world.”




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