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Millions around the world join’s initiative for climate change

Maryam Farag   

Environment Health & Safety Energy climate change Earth Day energy enviroment health and safety, the global organizer of Earth Day, announced initial results of Earth Day 2021: “Exponential growth and the addition of hundreds of millions of new activists to the movement, united around a set of clear and concise demands presented to the Biden administration and world leaders.”

Among Earth Day’s demands are that countries reduce their carbon emissions, corporations be held accountable and set paths to net zero emissions by 2040 or sooner, all primary and secondary schools globally adopt comprehensive climate literacy and civic skill building to prepare students for a global transition to green jobs, and that global leaders train existing and future workers for the green economy.

In partnership with, Education International, representing 32.5 million members, organized the “Teach for the Planet: Global Education Summit.”

“This Earth Day, we experienced a cultural shift comparable to the first Earth Day in 1970,” said Kathleen Rogers, President, “Millions around the world, angry and frustrated with the pace of change, raised their voices and demanded comprehensive climate action from governments and corporations around the world. The environmental movement of 1970 has been reborn. We’ve entered into a new phase of progress, a new barometer of sustainability requirements, and a new chapter of activism. We must continue this momentum.”


Over a dozen countries, including Italy, Mexico, Peru, Argentina and Brazil committed to climate literacy, and over 500 signatories representing over 100 countries around the world joined’s Climate Literacy campaign, including groups such as International Labour Organization, Education International and International Trades Union Confederation.


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