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Cascades to close its napkin plant in Laval, Que. in June 2021


November 30, 2020
November 30, 2020
The Canadian Press


(CP) KINGSEY FALLS, Que. – Cascades Inc. says it will close its napkin plant in Laval, Que., at the end of June next year.

The plant currently employs 54 workers.

Cascades says it will offer to relocate as many employees as possible to its other operations in Quebec and employees who are not able, or do not wish to relocate, will be offered help in their search for other employment.

The Laval plant has an annual capacity of 1.4 million cases.


The company says the COVID-19 pandemic has reduced the number of visitors to restaurants, hotels and public buildings, key markets served by the plant.

It says the situation, combined with high logistics costs, has prompted the company to move production to other operations.