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CanWEA Hosts O&M Summit in GTA

Facilities Maintenance

February 26, 2020
By Mario Cywinski


Over 300 industry professionals took part in the CanWEA Operations and Maintenance (O&M) Summit in Mississauga recently. Attendees listened to over 40 speakers, who discussed a variety of topics, which focused on advancements in the wind energy space.

Photo Credit: Mario Cywinski.

“There are tremendous opportunities for future wind energy development and operation that will depend on sustained efforts and new strategies. These efforts will be crucial to our industry’s ongoing competitiveness, coupled with continued high safety and environmental standards,” said Robert Hornung, President, Canadian Wind Energy Association. “And as an industry, we also need to become even more focused on our customers – utilities, system operators and others – and on the products and solutions they need. Increasingly, those solutions will extend beyond energy alone, and encompass a range of ancillary services that wind energy is in fact very well-positioned to provide. Customer-focused solutions will also increasingly encompass not just wind energy alone, but other forms of renewable generation, plus energy storage. Wind developers and operators will remain key players in that future.”

Topics covered during the Summit included cyber security, end of financed life, use of multiple technologies, advanced inspections, climate change, and the future of wind energy. Health and safety was top of mind throughout the Summit, and a special session on the development of robust health and safety programs was the highlight.

Photo Credit: Mario Cywinski.

“As Canada’s wind fleets expand and age, the O&M sector’s knowledge base advances and strengthens. As a result, O&M professionals are identifying increasingly targeted solutions to their unique circumstances,” said Phil McKay, Operations and Maintenance Program Director, Canadian Wind Energy Association. “At this year’s event we saw Canadian innovations like a laser-based foundation health assessment tool as well as imported solutions like a commercially ready bat deterrent system. These technologies are adding to a global toolbox that is increasingly specialized and affordable. The O&M Summit provides a unique opportunity for the sector to come together and share those solutions and support our collective effort to build a sustainable electricity system.”


The Summit also allowed industry professionals to speak with 20 companies, as part of an exhibition, about any products they may need for their own operations.

Photo Credit: Mario Cywinski.

“Team-1 Academy was delighted to exhibit at the CanWEA O&M Summit,” said Scott Connor, Chief of Training, Team-1 Academy. “With more than 300 attendees, the Summit provided an unmatched opportunity for us to share our wind energy safety training services with key decision-makers. It’s a must-attend for anyone in the O&M sector.”

Two awards were also presented for the O&M space at the awards breakfast. With ENERCON winning the Outstanding Achievement Award, for contributing to innovation in wind power facility operations and maintenance. While, Siemens Gamesa was given the Health and Safety Excellence Award, for its progressive approach to its health and safety program.