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SKF Hosts STLE Toronto Workshop

December 19, 2019 | By Mario Cywinski

Photo credit: Mario Cywinski

The Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers (STLE) Toronto Section recently held a workshop which looked at reducing tribological loses and failures. The workshop took place at SKF Canada Limited offices in Toronto. Invited speakers covered a broad base of topics encompassing the lubrication industry.

Photo credit: Mario Cywinski

Colin Lewis from SKF presented Cost Savings Through Total Cost of Ownership, which looked at how a lower initial price may not save money in the long run, and looking at the total cost of ownership, could be the way to do so. Several example of how this is put into practice were shown. Lewis described looking at only the initial price as the “priceberg,” with the price being the visible part and total cost of ownership being what is under the water.

Cory MacLeod from Lanxess Solutions US, Inc., spoke about formulating with synthetic base oils for improved lubricant performance. He outlined how as a result of higher performance requirements from lubricants, synthetic base oils are being more popular in meeting these. MacLeod outlined some advantages of synthetics, such as increased service life, reduced energy consumption, longer machinery life, among others.

Photo credit: Mario Cywinski

Bernie Hall at Checkfluid outlined How Better Oil Sampling Practices Drive Bottom Line Profitability. Hall outlined the ways to sample oil; sampling valves, vacuum pump and tubing, and sampling from the drain; and the pros and cons of each. He also mentioned that good data is the most important aspect of an oil analysis program.


Omron Industrial Automation’s Chris Barnes discussed Predictive Maintenance Solutions. Barnes discussed current analysis, vibration analysis, insulation resistance monitor, thermography and used case studies to show how PdM is important byway of motor and sensor case studies.

Sean Miller from UE Systems Inc., offered information on Ultrasound Assisted Lubrication. He spoke about how the technology can help in reducing over and under lubrication, as well as how it is moving lubrication maintenance to condition-based and away from time-based. Miller also showed audio examples (by using ultrasound) of under and over lubricated bearings.

Photo credit: Mario Cywinski

Book ending the workshop was another SKF speaker, Devan Devalia, who discussed Bearing Damage/Failure Analysis. Devalia discussed the most common bearing arrangement problems, outer ring rotation, inner ring rotation, excessive axial load, misalignment, and oval compression. He also spoke about type of failure modes; wear, fatigue, corrosion, brinelling, erosion, deformation, indentation, and cracking and fracture.

“To offer solutions Toronto Section of the STLE has now held three half-day workshops featuring invited speakers. More workshops are planned,” said Ken Brown, Eco Fluid Center Ltd. “These cover such aspects as lubrication, lubricants, additives, condition monitoring, proper greasing, sampling aids and root cause analysis. All of which can be aspects of a proper asset management program. The intent being to save companies money with better practices including more complete cost analysis.”


STLE Toronto Section has made the presentations available. They can be downloaded here:


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