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Poll says Ontarians support Bruce Power’s life-extension program

May 27, 2018 | By MRO Magazine

Kincardine, Ont. – Eight out of 10 Ontarians supported the refurbishment of the Bruce Power reactors allowing them to continue to provide low cost electricity to Ontario homes and businesses.

The telephone poll, conducted between May 11 to 15 for the Canadian Nuclear Association (CNA) by the independent firm Innovative Research Group, found this support was generally consistent among all regions of the province, ages and genders.

The top reasons for support were nuclear being the best option, a strong safety and operational record and given the fact it is clean with a low environmental impact.

The CNA released the results of the poll as part of its intervention at Bruce Power’s relicensing hearings in Kincardine, Ontario next week.


“These quantified, independent results are strong and clearly re-enforce that the provisions Bruce Power has made for the safety of its operation and the environment have a great deal of support from the people of Ontario,” said CNA President and CEO John Barrett. “I know Bruce Power works hard to not only deliver strong operational results but provide the public confidence.”

The poll also found that by a margin of six to one, Ontarians agreed the facility operates safely, the company is responsibly managed and is a good corporate citizen, while five to one believed adequate security measures are in place. There was also overwhelming support for the role the company plays providing medical isotopes for sterilization and medical use.

The survey was based on a total of 578 telephone interviews (landline and cellphone sample) among Ontario residents aged 18 and older. The data was weighted by age, gender and region using the most recent Census data, to a final sample size of 500. A sample of this size has an associated margin of error of + 4.4%, 19 times out of 20.

See the full poll here.

Source: Canadian Nuclear Association


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