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MRO Tip – Work completion rates

December 12, 2017 | By Mr. O - The Practical Problem Solver

Scheduling for a week at a time to give each crew supervisor a simple batch of work greatly improves work order completion rates. This batch of work has enough planned hours to match the available labour hours. The batch gives the supervisor focus on a certain amount of work rather than just making sure everyone has something to do. The batch also serves the supervisor with backlog research. No one wants to delve into the “black hole” of the maintenance backlog. Let the scheduler provide this service to the supervisor to find the appropriate work.

Doc Palmer, PE, MBA, CMRP is the author of McGraw-Hill’s Maintenance Planning and Scheduling Handbook and as managing partner of Richard Palmer and Associates helps companies worldwide with planning and scheduling success. For more information visit or email Doc at

This article appears as a tip under “Mr. O, The Practical Problem Solver,” on page 42 of the December 2017 issue of Machinery and Equipment MRO magazine.




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