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PTDA predicts significantly slowing growth rate for both distributors and manufacturers


November 19, 2015
By Bill Roebuck


Chicago, IL – The second quarter 2015 Sales History & Outlook Report (SHOR) released by the Power Transmission Distributors Association (PTDA) shows power transmission/motion control (PT/MC) distributor sales moving counter cyclically to the leading industrial indicators, with the growth rate up 11.7% from one year ago. However, the rate of growth is forecasted to slow in the near term.

PT/MC manufacturer sales shows slower growth in second quarter of 2015, with the growth rate index down 10.6% from the second quarter 2014.

Developed in conjunction with ITR Economics, PTDA’s quarterly SHOR collects company sales data each quarter from PT/MC distributors and manufacturers and presents the aggregate results in customized reports. SHOR tracks total PT/MC sales for both distributors and manufacturers. It also tracks six specific product categories for manufacturers only: bearings, motors, controls, gearing, conveyors/conveyor materials handling equipment, and hydraulics/pneumatics. Data provided for these categories are also represented in charts to track overall product movement as well as total sales movement.

In addition, based on the data provided by PTDA members, ITR creates forecasts of future industry sales three years out. An analysis is provided highlighting major economic trends identified during the forecast process that may impact one’s company. This information is critical for all companies making and selling PT/MC products in order to create data-driven business plans for marketing initiatives, resource allocation and product launches.


PTDA members participating in SHOR receive the results at no charge about 30 days after the close of the calendar quarter. Anyone can purchase the 2Q2015 SHOR through the PTDA website at