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Electrical enclosure firm gives away thermal imagers for smartphones


November 6, 2015
By Bill Roebuck
The FLIR-ONE dongle attaches to smartphones.

The FLIR-ONE dongle attaches to smartphones.

Schaumburg, IL – Enclosure manufacturer Rittal Corporation – which also offers thermal management of electrical, electronic and IT equipment, has announced the winners of its Climate Control Audit Promotion. Four U.S.-based individuals – Bill Keegan of Bridgeport Fittings, Bart Beals of Clark Cutler McDermott, Micah Ruthenberg of Industrial Power Solutions, and Woodson Samuel of TEMA Site Services West, TABC Inc. & TMMBC – were chosen to receive FLIR ONE thermal imager cameras that fit directly onto Apple iPhone 5 or 5s smartphones.

The FLIR One imagers were thought to be an ideal fit for Rittal’s climate control customers, who would find infrared images a handy and effective way to detect heat loss or hot spots within enclosures in the infrared region of the light spectrum.

“All the winners are individuals who signed up with Rittal to have free enclosure energy audits conducted at their facilities earlier in the year,” explained Daniela Weiszhar, marketing communications manager at Rittal.

“The energy audits included an on-site evaluation of climate control systems and technologies used in the companies’ enclosure systems. Poor thermal management inside an enclosure filled with sensitive electronics can lead to shorter life spans for the components contained inside, or even failure that can cause costly plant shutdowns. Our Climate Control Audit was a very successful way for us to highlight the importance of enclosure thermal control, in a way that connected us to a very handy smartphone add-on.”


As part of Rittal’s Climate Control campaign in 2015, the Enclosure Thermal Audit and FLIR ONE Giveaway was created to make manufacturers aware of the dangerous build-up of heat that can occur inside of enclosures due to the use of electrically powered instrumentation.

Rittal designs and sells climate control solutions for enclosures, such as filter fans, chillers, enclosure heaters, RiTherm calculating software, and its new and patented hybrid-technology Air Conditioning units for energy savings of up to 75%, the Blue e+ Series.

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