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Scenario Services Connect Edition, a cloud service for high performance optioneering

Bentley Systems announces Scenario Services Connect Edition, a new Connect Edition cloud service to enable engineering professionals to speed the process of evaluating a wide range of potential designs to identify the best performing alternatives.


November 5, 2015
By PEM Magazine

Scenario Services Connect Edition makes its practical and possible to consider a wide range of alternatives beyond what is possible through normal desktop analysis workflows. 

The initial analytical applications supported are STAAD, for structural analysis, and SACS, for analysis of offshore structures.

Scenario Services Connect Edition offers new powerful web visualization capabilities to allow engineers to easily perform trade-off analysis between scenarios. Engineers can harness high performance cloud based computational power and achieve dramatic reduction in computing time for intensive analytical designs.

With this new cloud service, STAAD.Pro and SACS users can quickly investigate a vast range of design alternatives.  This service will be particularly valuable for conceptual design of geometrically elaborate structures from stadiums to buildings and in complex assemblies like long span trusses and offshore topside structures.


Organizations can also take advantage of Scenario Services to automate the process of performing internal quality assurance and control checks on new product releases. This capability will allow organizations to deploy the new product capabilities in their production environment significantly faster than ever before.

Key capabilities include:

  • Define scenarios, simulation services to be employed, level of computational power to be employed, and the range of variants to be explored.
  • Manage scenario processing with dashboards to monitor and control progress.
  • Leverage the Microsoft Azure cloud to process the analysis of many model variants, for one or more analytical disciplines.
  • Compare scenario performance with tools to graphically display interactive comparisons of performance indicators and download results of best solutions for detailed post-processing.

By leveraging the power of Azure cloud services, users can analyze and clearly understand the relative performance of a wide range of alternatives. Engineers can accelerate analysis of a large number of models in parallel across a wide range of parameters on models of virtually any size, while automatically eliminating processing time spent on underperforming options.

After analysis is complete, engineers can clearly understand the relative performance of the scenarios across the entire solution set with textual and graphical presentation of relative performance indicators. These comparisons can span multiple disciplines and multiple versions of analysis applications.  Additional Bentley analysis products will added to this service over time.

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