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Safety culture program features Canadian high altitude climber Jim Elzinga

Electrolab has a new program featuring Jim Elzinga, a world-renowned Canadian high-altitude mountain climber, who shares his story about his first expedition to Mt. Everest. It contains valuable safety lessons about the pitfalls of breakdowns of safety protocols, poor communication, poor decision making and goal-focused leadership, and it puts an emphasis on individual well-being.

Now a safety culture consultant and leadership facilitator, Jim explains how the requirements of building a safety culture to survive summiting Mt. Everest are no different than what is needed to build a safety culture in the workplace. In this comprehensive version, four modules are included to inspire employees and managers in the four keys to safety culture: Create it. Embrace it. Believe it. Live it.  A shorter version is also available.

Topics include:
•    Creating a value-based safety culture
•    Using risk assessment to stay safe
•    The impact of human nature on risk-taking
•    The destructive nature of goal-focused leadership

This program from ERI Safety Videos is available in DVD and streaming media formats. To view an excerpt of this video, visit