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Coldwater Machine Company Electrostatic Lubrication System

October 26, 2015 - Coldwater Machine Company, a leading engineering solutions company that manufactures and integrates precision equipment and tools for multiple industries, has added electrostatic lubrication to its capabilities with the StaticLube system. Available for both sheet metal and coil stock, StaticLube decreases lubrication consumption for metal stampers and fabricators by up to 95 percent as compared to other systems. It is also environmentally-friendly, delivering 100-percent efficiency with zero waste, overspray, VOCs, odor or disposal costs.


October 26, 2015
By PEM Magazine

This technology is based upon the concept that opposites attract. With StaticLube’s electro-static atomization Venturi system, the lubricant is negatively charged and thus attracted to the neutral, grounded material. This evenly distributes millions of micron-sized particles of either oil-based or solid dry-film lubricants across the surface of sheets or coils of metal, producing the most uniformly lubricated surface available. Due to the uniform amount of lubricant the system applies to sheet or coil, wear and tear on forming equipment is minimized and the overall tooling life is increased. This saves time and money by reducing the frequency of re-tooling, allowing for longer, uninterrupted production runs.

StaticLube speeds can be adjusted from 1 – 1000 fpm, sheet thickness of .005-in to .375-in., and precision coating thickness capability of up 1mg/sq. ft. to 1000 mg/sq. ft. It is available in several standard models that will accommodate ferrous and non-ferrous coil or sheet stock from 1-in up to75-in. in width. The StaticLube can also be built to custom specifications to accommodate sheet or coil stock up to 2-meters in width.

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