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New video teaches lubricating techniques for linear guides and bearings


October 19, 2015
By Bill Roebuck

Wood Dale, IL – Thomson Industries Inc., a manufacturer of mechanical motion control solutions, has released a new educational video for design engineers and maintenance staff, which provides step-by-step instructions on how to properly lubricate linear bearings and guides.

The video is the latest in an ongoing series of multimedia content from Thomson intended to maximize performance, reduce lifecycle costs and extend the life of high-precision linear motion technology.

“Any system with moving parts will eventually wear out, but understanding the role of lubrication and characteristics of the lubrication itself can help linear guide users make the most of their automation investment,” said Jeremy Gong, global product manager at Thomson.

In the video, Gong steps users through the lubrication process, starting with a method for cleaning and continuing to show best practice on how to maintain a linear guide. Gong explains: “Any motion of the bearings will pick up the applied grease and this will circulate throughout the housing.”


Gong explains how successful lubrication also “depends on the quality of the lubricant, which can [have an impact on] the reliability and reduce evaporation over time.” Also, Gong describes a new lubrication product from Thomson called LinearLube that is designed to slow the evaporation process and extend bearing life.

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