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Green Platforms Provide Safe Access to Railcars

October 16, 2015 -  Green railcar access platforms, manufactured by Benko Products, Inc., provide safe access to the tops of railcars and can be customized to meet the demands of any size operation.   


October 16, 2015
By PEM Magazine

No company can afford worker injury or even death from unsafe railcar loading/unloading practices. Green railcar platforms provide a safe, protected area for workers to easily access the tops of railcars.
Select from the single-spot “Insta-Rack” Pedestal Platform, to a 50-spot liquid transfer facility with integrated loading arms, spill containment, and more. The Green Access & Fall Protection product line includes flat ramp, telescoping, and self-levelling stair gangways, truck and railcar loading racks, stationary and portable platforms, loading/vapour arms, spill containment pans, portable transloading carts, horizontal lifeline systems, caged ladders, pipe racks, custom structural, and more!

All Green platforms are engineered for operator safety, compliance with governing O.S.H.A. standards and for your specific application.

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