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Hydraulic Fracturing and Water Issues

Central to the vast majority of conversations about hydraulic fracturing is the issue of water – its use, its management and protection, and its ecological, social and economic importance. There are many unknowns, but this is a fast-paced and important area in which decisions being made should hinge upon scientific knowledge.


October 15, 2015
By PEM Magazine

A new report, Water and Hydraulic Fracturing: Where knowledge can best support decisions in Canada, issued by Canadian Water Network (CWN), provides a comprehensive assessment of where effective access to research can lead to better decisions. The report summarizes what we know now and where the knowledge gaps are.

The report draws widely on five CWN-funded projects from 2014-2015, including:
•    Watershed governance and Aboriginal issues,
•    Groundwater and subsurface impacts,
•    Wastewater management, and
•    Impacts of hydraulic fracturing on surrounding water resources.

These projects involved over 70 researchers from 18 universities across Canada, along with 20 partners. CWN plans to use findings as a springboard for a collaborative research agenda.

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