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Hansford Sensors accelerometers achieve intrinsically safe certification in Canada and U.S.

October 8, 2015 - Hansford Sensors, the leading manufacturer and global supplier of industrial accelerometers, has achieved new certification for a range of accelerometers that meet intrinsically safe standards in North America and Canada. This certification confirms the accelerometers as safe for use in hazardous areas.


October 9, 2015
By PEM Magazine

The Hansford Sensors accelerometers, which include the HS-100IS and HS-420IS, achieved the North American Standard for Intrinsically Safe Apparatus and Associated Apparatus for Use in Class I, II, and III, Division 1, Hazardous (Classified) Locations and the Canadian Standard for Intrinsically Safe and Non-Incendive Equipment for Use in Hazardous Locations.

The HS-100IS and HS-420IS are intrinsically safe versions of existing popular Hansford Sensors accelerometers, which are already widely used by maintenance and operations teams around the world in a variety of sectors, such as pharmaceuticals, mining, marine, cement, and food and drink. The accelerometers are designed so the electrical energy or thermal energy present never becomes great enough to cause a spark or ignition.

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