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ContiTech introduces new marketing campaign for North America


October 6, 2015
By Bill Roebuck

Fairlawn, OH – ContiTech, a worldwide manufacturer and distributor of rubber products for a variety of applications, has introduced a new marketing campaign, called Ability, for a variety of services and product lines for North America.

“ContiTech’s acquisition of Veyance Technologies earlier this year gave us a unique opportunity to give our customers ‘more’,” said Anthony DiGiacobbe, marketing communications director for ContiTech NAFTA.

“It was important that only the name would change – not the products. It meant that customers would expect the same level of quality and dependability, and then some – more. That ‘more’ idea was that they would now have more innovation, more engineering, a bigger portfolio of products, a larger network, all ‘more’ to help the customers take their business to the next level – regardless of the industry.”

DiGiacobbe said that the new Ability marketing campaign offers just that. “We had promised the expectation of ‘more’ some time ago, and now we can finally speak to that. The ‘More’ translates into ‘Add More Ability To What You Do’.”


ContiTech, now with the assets, people, products of the former Veyance, has the resources to give its customers that added ability in the avenue or trade they need to grow and succeed.

“If you are a distributor and want to grow your customer base, we have the services and marketing to help you have that ability,” said DiGiacobbe. “If you are a plant engineer and you need to make your plant more efficient, we have the products and support to enhance that ability. If you are a farmer or farm operator who needs to stay in the field longer, we have the highly engineered product to give you that ability.


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