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SME’s Canadian Manufacturing Technology Show gazes into the future

From robots that "talk" to each other or work safely alongside humans, to augmented reality welding environments, 3D printers that print edible items and 3D pens that build small plastic objects, to a lightweight flying object that mimics the movements of a dragonfly, the upcoming Canadian Manufacturing Technology Show 2015 (CMTS 2015) – Canada’s largest and most respected manufacturing event – will demonstrate how technology advances are revolutionizing the manufacturing sector.


September 20, 2015
By PEM Magazine

Produced by SME, a leader in workforce development and knowledge within the manufacturing industry, CMTS runs from September 28 to October 1 at The International Centre in Toronto. The event features live demonstrations, top speakers, interactive panel discussions and conference sessions – all designed to spotlight emerging technologies and processes under the broader theme of “Manufacture the Future.”
Here’s a snapshot of what attendees will discover at CMTS 2015:

  • More than three million pounds of manufacturing equipment in action on the show floor, including automated machining cells, or “talking robots,” by Elliott Matsuura that are wired to work seamlessly together and can be programmed to transfer parts between machines without human intervention; and a first-of-its-kind robotic arm, by Fanuc, that is designed to safely work alongside humans without the need for safety fences by gently stopping to work if it comes into contact with an operator.
  • Tech Talk Theatre, a series of complimentary education sessions and demonstrations featuring the latest insights into Automation, Additive Manufacturing, the Internet of Things, Lean and Six Sigma, Government Funding for Small to Mid-sized Enterprises and Workforce Development. Also featured will be a firsthand look at the Festo BionicOpter, an ultralight flying object that mimics a dragonfly by moving in all directions, hovering in mid-air and gliding without beating its wings.
  • Innovation Alley, a dedicated area showcasing cutting-edge technologies applied across manufacturing sectors. Highlights include a live performance by the Waterloo Aerial Robotics Group demonstrating how a swarm of robots can work together. The National Research Council will also offer a look at the newest advances in additive manufacturing, including Soft Tissue Replication that is allowing surgeons and trainees to rehearse difficult procedures on lifelike models. Other features are real-time demonstrations from FIRST Robotics competition participants and the latest research & development from McMaster Manufacturing Research Institute (MMRI).
  • 3D Playground, featuring the latest in 3D technology, including 3D printers that create edible goodies in less than an hour, and state-of-the-art 3D pens that extrude melted plastic, allowing users to create any kind of product in minutes. Also showcased will be ReDeTec’s material recycling printer and 3D scanning and printing of human busts.
  • Medical Manufacturing Innovations Series, from end-use surgical devices and customized implants, to bone scaffolds and functioning organ replacements, additive manufacturing/3D printing is truly changing the medical device world. But while other countries have already established strategic plans and committed large funds to the sector, Canada remains generally passive. Join moderator Dr. Gord Campbell from the National Research Council as he leads an expert panel discussion on “Medical Additive Manufacturing – The Canadian Conundrum,” that will delve into what it will take to catch the interest of Canadian industry in this growing area.

Manufacturing representatives from all areas of industry, including automotive, aerospace, medical, energy, government, agriculture, food processing, construction, electronics, computers, commercial, industrial, oil and gas, and more, will be on hand at CMTS 2015. Co-located with CMTS is the APMA Automotive Outlook Conference and RAPID Canada Conference, and features RAPID Canada’s innovative 3D Printing Pavilion.
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