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Ultimo Density Meter Emerging as Alternative to Nuclear Devices

September 14, 2015 - The Ultimo Density Meter is quickly emerging as an alternative to nuclear based densitometers for applications where the material is abrasive, caustic and high solids content  and where the regulatory environment over nuclear is burdensome.


September 14, 2015
By PEM Magazine

Trial units have been evaluated and purchased by some of the world’s largest mining companies with the expressed intention of qualifying a replacement for legacy nuclear densitometers.

“With the high (100%) up-time recorded during the plant trial, favourable consideration should be given to this device for the future installations,” stated one senior Metallurgist after the trial was completed.
Prior to the emergence of the Ultimo device, nuclear densitometers were the only and reluctantly used non-invasive option in these applications.

Further, these trials have highlighted the inherent instability of nuclear due to the continuous decline of the strength of the nuclear source material and their use of analog-based electronics. These factors cause a recurring need for sample taking and recalibrations. This along with the administrative cost of maintaining nuclear licenses can bring the accumulated costs of nuclear densitometers to multiples of their original cost.   

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