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5ME’s dashboards feature provides customizable, role-based views of machine tool performance data

September 14, 2015 - 5ME’s new Dashboards feature allows users to create a one-screen view of machine tool performance data pertinent to their job function.


September 14, 2015
By PEM Magazine

The program builds on the data capturing capability of the company’s market proven Freedom eLOG software suite, and combines multiple graphics, called dashlets, into a single view based on job function such as maintenance, production, cell supervision, etc. Available dashlets include Banner, Summary View, Machine Status, Events List, Alerts Top 25, Events Top 25, Custom Column Chart, Embedded Page, Custom Stacked Bar, Custom State and Custom Data. Each can be set up for a single machine, a cell or a mix of various machines on the shop floor.

The fully customizable software allows users to create their dashboard size and design, establish the machine scope, and determine the data criteria and refresh rate. Each dashboard can be saved by a unique name for ongoing monitoring, and dashboards can be edited, deleted or printed out for long-term record keeping.

The Banner dashlet creates areas of customizable text on the dashboard for report titles or descriptions. Summary View is an enhanced view of the eLOG Daily View report that includes a configurable set of data elements to be rendered over time. The Machine Status dashlet displays the current state of a machine or machine grouping based on the current Association for Manufacturing Technology(AMT) span time category, while the Events List dashlet displays details on number of occurrences, duration and percentage in regard to total time values. The Alert Top 25 and Events Top 25 show the top occurring alert or event instances for a machine or machine list over a selected time period. Users can host an external web page on their Dashboard via the Embedded Page dashlet, providing access to business systems or links to external reports.

5ME’s Freedom eLOG software suite automatically extracts critical manufacturing data to produce web-based reports and analytics on asset utilization, availability, performance, quality and OEE. It is brand, asset and process agnostic and is MTConnect-compliant. The software integrates seamlessly with ERP, MES, maintenance and quality business systems and can be accessed anytime via smartphone or tablet device.