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Budget-friendly UV LED flashlight for leak detection

An ill-maintained industrial system can leak more than fluids – it can leak money. Spectronics Corporation, a worldwide leader in leak detection solutions, has come to the rescue with the new LeakTracker (P/N LT-300) ─ a powerful, economical UV LED leak detection flashlight that’s ideal for all industrial fluid system applications.


September 4, 2015
By PEM Magazine

LeakTracker has a high-output UV LED that delivers superior fluorescent dye response, making industrial leaks easier to spot. It works with all oil- and water-based fluorescent dyes, including difficult-to-fluoresce yellow, white and blue dyes ─ even in dirty fluids.
Finding leaks in an industrial system is easy. Simply add a small amount of dye to the system and let it circulate. The dye/fluid mixture escapes with the host fluid wherever there’s a leak. Shine the LeakTracker flashlight on all leak sites to observe the brilliant glow.
The flashlight features “instant-on” operation. Its compact size allows it to get into cramped areas larger lamps can’t. A rugged, corrosion-resistant, anodized lamp body stands up to years of heavy use. Powered by standard AAA batteries (included), the unit features a 100,000-hour LED service life.
LeakTracker comes complete with a lanyard, belt holster, three “AAA” batteries and UV-absorbing glasses.
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