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EDT Corp now offering expanded selection of stainless steel ball bearings

August 24, 2015 - EDT Corp, an industry leader in bearings for severe service environments, announced an expanded array of stainless ball bearings with three separate price levels, effectively offering customers more choices in the ball bearing lineup.


August 24, 2015
By PEM Magazine

The three series, named “Value Bearings,” “Choice Bearings” and “Classic Bearings” allow EDT Corp to provide high quality ball bearings for virtually any budget – this is a new addition to the high performance plane bearings for which the company is most noted.

Value Bearings are designed for general use in severe service environments at an economical price.  They are 440 stainless steel, wide inner ring, setscrew locking inserts, with ss flingers over single-lip seals.  They are available greased or with EDT’s ‘F’ food-grade solid lubricant in the most popular shaft sizes from ½” to 1-1/2” and metric.

The Choice series are 440 stainless steel eccentric lock bearings with a 304 stainless steel locking collar. For shafts that turn in one direction, the eccentric collar continually tightens. This is more secure than, and completely eliminates cracked inner rings associated with, setscrew locked bearings.  Silicone single lip seals under ss flingers protect the lubricant: either grease, or ‘F,’ or any of a variety of food-grade solid lubricants available for different environments. EDT’s custom anti-rotation pin fits into all brands of housings; shaft sizes range from 203 ring ½” to 214 and 215 ring sizes, inch and metric, at competitive prices.

The Classic series are the 440 stainless setscrew locking, wide inner ring, inserts that EDT has offered customers for years.  With the most shaft sizes available, Classic bearings are sold with grease or with any of a variety of food grade solid lubricants, which is protected by stainless flingers over silicone single lip seals. They now include EDT’s custom anti-rotation pin that allows drop-in fit to most manufacturers’ housings.


Information about EDT’s wide range of bearings for severe service environments – ball bearings and plane bearings – can be found on the company’s website,