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Warner Electric custom X-Small Brakes – the smallest on the market

August 13,  2015 - There are some applications where every ounce or cubic inch counts. Warner Electric recognizes that in many of these situations the only solutions available are expensive permanent magnet brakes. As a result, it has developed a range of spring-set holding brakes which are the smallest on the market and offer the same performance at a competitive cost.


August 13, 2015
By PEM Magazine

In recent years, Warner Electric has identified a growing market demand for small brake solutions for applications in industries such as aerospace and medical equipment. It has developed a range of electrically-released, spring-set holding brakes which are designed to offer the same performance capabilities of similarly sizes permanent magnet solutions.

Christophe Cordier, Warner Electric Product Manager for X-Small Brakes, explains: “Having identified that our customers were experiencing a growing need for brake products that would fit within a limited footprint, we conducted market research into the existing solution. We found that while the permanent magnet solutions that were available were effective, they were also heavier and more expensive for end-users than the design that we were proposing. Having subjected our X-Small brake range to extensive testing prior to launch, we are able to confidently state that our products offer the same static torque capacity, are lighter than the competition and also more cost competitive.”

The X-Small brakes are designed primarily for engaged / disengaged holding applications – such as seat adjustment on an airplanes – though they can provide a low cycle rate stopping action in emergency situations. As they are electrically-released they will remain reliably engaged in the event of a power failure, which makes them suited to applications where the integrity of the holding force is imperative.

The brake range consists of 6 standard sizes from 22mm – 33.5mm diameter (30g – 100g) and offer up to 50Ncm of static torque. However, every application should be approached with the intention of finding the most functional and efficient solution. Therefore a custom adaptor flange is designed for each customer to ensure perfect mounting every time.


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