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KSB introduces compact multi-stage pressure-boost pumps

August 13, 2015 – KSB has introduced a new family of multi-stage water pumps designed to provide pressure boosts in building services, HVAC, irrigation systems and light industrial applications. The new Comeo pumps are based on the same hydraulic technologies as KSB’s proven Movitec series of inline pumps, but feature an intake nozzle that is oriented along the pump’s axis. This, combined with a very compact design makes these pumps easy to fit into crowded spaces. Comeo pumps can deliver heads as high as 79.5 m and flow rates of up to  10.8 m3/h.


August 13, 2015
By PEM Magazine

The Comeo line of pumps was designed to deliver low total cost of ownership through a combination of quality construction, low initial cost, maintenance-free operation and superior energy efficiency. These pumps feature stainless steel impellers and can be ordered with either cast iron or stainless steel casings. The all stainless steel version (Comeo C) is rated for drinking water applications. Fluid temperatures can range from -10 to +60oC.

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