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Safety Toolbox – manage events that affect safety and reliability

This free webinar provides maintenance tactics that can be deployed to ensure failure events that affect safety are managed effectively. The presentation covers the current understanding of how equipment behaves and will discuss age/life-related failures versus random failure.


August 5, 2015
By PEM Magazine

This webinar covers:

  • Origins of current equipment reliability engineering concepts developed in commercial aviation.
  • Understanding of random failure versus age-/life-related failure.
  • Impact of failure consequence on identical equipment/components.
  • Discussion on the three different types of direct maintenance.
  • How to use these maintenance tactics to effectively manage safety and environmental risk.
  • What if a device has safety or environmental failure consequences and there is no direct maintenance solution.

This webinar is now closed. Click here to access the webinar: Safety Toolbox: Manage events that affect safety and reliability.

Date Published: September 9, 2015 at 2 p.m. EST

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Presenter: James Nesbitt, Partner, APG

Nesbitt for web 275x355An industry leader and highly recognized expert in the fields of reliability and asset performance management, Nesbitt uses a grassroots approach focused on providing cost benefits and performance results for clients across a global market. Mentored by the late John Moubray and engrained with the RCM methodology, Nesbitt shares his expert knowledge with large organizations through consulting, training and facilitation engagements. Nesbitt participates in the Aladon Network, American Nuclear Society, Society for Maintenance & Reliability Professionals (SMRP), Paper Industry Management Association (PIMA), and ReliabilityWeb; in these forums, Nesbitt regularly speaks on topics such as the cost-benefits of reliability, speed-to-value for the client, unlocking the hidden capacity in existing plants, and the implementation of reliability and asset performance management. Nesbitt was also a member of the Canadian Advisory Committee guiding the transition of the PAS-55 Asset Management specification through the ISO development process.

Presenter: Dan Everitt, Reliability Specialist, APG

dan everittEveritt is an Aladon-licensed RCM2 Practitioner with extensive experience in facilitating RCM analyses and in the training and mentoring of other RCM facilitators. In addition to facilitating the development of reliability practices, Everitt has performed reviews of existing client maintenance programs to optimize and integrate their current practices with different RCM-based processes. Everitt has recently led RCM analyses of an aeration treatment process for a regional municipality’s wastewater facility, as well as an analysis for a chemical dosing system for the same regional municipality’s water transmission system. As part of Everitt’s involvement with APG’s Oil and Gas clients, he has also has experience developing asset strategies for additional wastewater treatment systems such as Warm Lime Softening, Centrifugal Sludge Removal and Disposal, and Weak Acid Cation (WAC) Softening. He holds a Bachelor of Applied Science in Chemical Engineering.

Moderator: Rehana Begg, Editor, PEM and REM
Rehana Begg is the editor of PEM (Plant Engineering & Maintenance) and REM (Resource Engineering & Maintenance) magazines. PEM is Canada’s trusted source of information for industrial maintenance managers, operations managers and physical asset managers. REM focuses on asset management in the mining, oil and gas sectors. Begg has more than 15 years of editorial experience and has managed a variety of B2B and consumer publishing projects. She holds a Master of Journalism degree from Ryerson University, a Certificate in Project Management from the University of Toronto and an Honours Bachelor of Arts, Political Science from York University.