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Singer Valve launches the SCP-TP Process Controller

July 24, 2015 – Singer Valve, a leading manufacturer of control valves has launched the new SCP-TP Process Controller.


July 24, 2015
By PEM Magazine

The SCP-TP Controller is designed to complement a dual solenoid control valve and can switch easily between settings for level control, up stream and down stream pressure management, flow control and position control. The SCP-TP also offers ON/OFF control and can be configured with a 4 – 20mA control motor such as the Singer 420 DC pilot mounted control motor. The SCP-TP is equipped with easy to use digital input controls and user selectable digital output alarms. Added features such as data logging, which logs all sensor feedback and set-point data as well as trending graphs, can be used for system analysis for water loss prevention and overall system pressure management. 

The SCP-TP Controller reads and compares the process feedback (process variable) 4 to 20 mA signal to the desired setting (set-point) which is set either locally on touch screen or remotely via 4 to 20 mA signal. The SCP-TP then accurately positions the valve to bring the process variable towards the set-point until they coincide. The SCP-TP has the capability to retransmit the process variable via a 4 – 20mA signal and is equipped with both Serial and Ethernet Modbus capabilities for remote SCADA control and monitoring.

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